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1.What is Hoppon?

Hoppon is an excellent way to find great deals from your local shops from the comfort of your home. For small businesses, it is a great channel to reach out to their core customers, build loyalty and increase sales.

2. What connectivity do I need to use Hoppon?

You need a mobile data connection. Faster the better.

3. Do I need to register?

Yes, you need to register with valid email id and phone number. This is needed for logging into Hoppon and use its services.

4. How do I avail a Promo?

Tap on ‘Cart Icon’ to add it to the cart, you can continue adding items by scrolling through the Promos. Tap on ‘Proceed’ to choose despatch options, select the appropriate delivery address if you have chosen ‘Deliver’ and hit ‘Submit’.

5. How does the Share button on the Promo details screen work?

‘Share’ button allows you to share your favourite promo(s) with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & email.

6. What does the ‘Thumbs Up’ icon near ‘Share’ mean?

Tapping on that informs the Shop that you have liked their promotion. It helps businesses decide which promos are popular with customers.

7. What does the ‘Store’ button on the promotion detail screen do?

Tapping on the ‘Store details’ button will show the details of the business, its address, business times, contact details and so on.

8. What does Cart Icon on promotion do?

Tapping on Cart Icon will allows you to sit in the comfort of your home/office and order items from the selected business including selected promotion.

9. How can I place an order?

You can use the ShopOn feature,

a.From the Promo listing screen by tapping on ‘Cart Icon’, which takes you to the shopping cart, you can continue adding items to the cart and then hit ‘Proceed’ to complete the order.
b.From the Promo detail screen, tap on ‘Cart Icon’ and follow the steps mentioned in point ‘a’ above.
c.You can make an order by tapping on ‘store icon’, the procedure to add items to the cart is the same.
d.You can make an order by tapping on ‘cart Icon’ in the featured promo.
Once you have entered all the items that you wish to order, click on ‘Proceed’ to choose despatch options, select the appropriate delivery address if you have chosen ‘Deliver’ and hit Submit. If the shop has delivery service, they will deliver; else you will receive a notification informing you that the Order is ready for pickup.

10. What does the location on the top signify?

The top teal coloured bar displays the current location. Promotions and shops will change as per change in location. You can change the current location to a one that you desire by tapping on the text. Enter the desired location in the textbox, you will be provided with a set of choices from which you can choose one. Once set, any promotions or shops from that location (if any) will be displayed in the respective lists. To change back to the current location, tap on the current location icon.

11. What are the three short horizontal lines at the top left for?

Tapping on the three horizontal lines, opens up the sliding menu which has less frequently used options like, Feedback, My Orders, FAQ, Contact Us,Raffle,Refer and Earn,Notification Centre, Help, Settings and Log out. It also has your profile which you can tap to edit.

12. Whats the chat option?

With the help of chat option you can directly chat to the vendor with whom you are placing order. You can clearly specify your order. Non availability of any order that you have made will be informed by vendor through chat option. To chat, just tap the chat icon and type in the message.

13. How does Hoppon Points work?

In this BETA release of Hoppon, we let you earn points through the transactions you make. Hoppon Points can be earned by Placing orders using ShopOn The number of points earned is the same as the transaction value of the order through ShopOn. Please ensure that the shop enters your transaction amount correctly. Hoppon points will be reversed on orders that are subsequently reversed/ cancelled/ defective items returned.

14. What about the privacy of my data?

Your privacy is our utmost concern. Hoppon does not share any personal information with external business or entity. We value your privacy and endeavour to keep your transactions secure.

15. How do I avail a Promo?

What can you say about Team Hoppon?

16. Whats the My List option?

My List gives the customer an option to create favourite shopping list for vendors .

17. How does Voice Search work?

Voice search will listen when you speak, and then it figures what you mean, and then it attempt to find what you have asked for on the products, promotions and shops.

18. How can I use my promo code ?

Use promo code when placing an order.Some promo code could be generic and can be applied across all stores and orders. Some of them could be specific to a store. Use them appropriately.

19. How would Share & Earn work for me?

This feature lets you share promos with your acquaintances via E-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter.There is no limit to how much you can earn. Only promos with a red tag on the right of the promo image are eligible. Tap the promo to go to the detail page, and share the promo.

20. How can I schedule an appointment?

Tap on the Schedule icon in the Quick Access. This will display all vendors who support scheduling. Tap on the vendor, and choose the service you want to schedule, and add to cart. When you proceed from cart, you will be able to set the date and time when you plan to visit the vendor for the service. Confirm the order as you would for any other order. You will receive notification from vendor in the app, if they change the date or time. You will also get reminder when the time nears for the appointment. You can also use promotions from the vendor to schedule, by adding promo to cart, and proceeding as usual.